About Me

Serge is an  award winning photographer who focused on commercial and fashion. After a very long hiatus, he is relaunching his work and passion for photography. As a 4th generation photographer who started at a the very young age of 7 following the family's footsteps that all began with his great-grandfather and grandmother who owned and managed a photography studio in Europe in the early 1900s until after WWII. His grandmother taught him the old art of “retouching”. He received a Kodak Insta-Matic 110 camera for his 7th birthday and that sparked his passion and his way in the family tradition. In time he setup his own photo lab in a basement and spent many hours working on processing and print techniques. He received several awards at the Institute for Radio and Cinematography in the early 1980s in Brussels.

He launched his Semi-Pro career back in the mid-80s in Beverly Hills, CA focusing primarily on commercial assignments, Studio work, and some freelance work for the fashion and music industry. His 2,000 Sq Ft studio had the latest in lighting and props, and made clients and models feel at home and easy to work with. He worked medium and 35mm formats based on client requirements.

Serge is a Nikon Pro NPS Photographer, and long time Getty Images Contributor, and shoots Nikon Pro gear exclusively. Serge is also an Aerial Photography and Cinematography Remote Pilot and  FAA Certified sUAS 107. His sUAS "Drone" Aircrafts are DJI. His workflow and Post techniques include Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro X. 

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A Commercial Photography

B Aerial sUAS "Drone" Photo and Video

C Photoshop / Editing / Post Production


A Commercial Photography

B Fashion 

C Photojournalism / Documentary

D Aerial "drone" / Underwater 


A Southern California

B New York

C International 

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